Blue wonder

Liberated and weightless

You’ve never truly experienced the wonder of floating weightlessly until you’ve done it in warm water. Float in our warm 36°C outdoor pool without a care in the world or do laps in our 29°C indoor pool. Letting the massage jets soothe you in the outdoor pool is a genuine joy.
Your children will love splashing around and playing in the water – which is why they’re welcome in the swimming area of our spa in Jura up until 5.00 p.m. Under the watchful eyes of mum and dad, a day at the pool is a relaxing experience for the whole family in a comfortable setting.

Unfortunately, your kids are not permitted to enter our fitness area or sauna park – these areas are reserved for visitors aged 16 and over.
"Defy gravity with ease, enjoy the water and watch the clouds above you as you drift along."
Enjoy a couple of wonderful hours in the water or relaxing on a poolside lounger. Let time pass while completely ignoring the clock and immerse your body and sense in the kind of total well-being only this sort of holiday can give you.

Moments to hold within you

At the Grand Hotel Les Endroits