Seven saunas

Sweat it out for your soul

It’s comfortable and relaxing to get sweaty in a sauna. Experience the feeling of sweating it all out – either naked or in swimwear, and only for guests aged 16 and older – in one of our seven saunas with different temperatures, humidity levels and scents. 

‘Cheminée’ sauna (90°C)

Sauna like the Finnish in this hot 90°C ‘Cheminée’ sauna. The warmth from the fire will penetrate you to the core while you enjoy the view of stunning natural landscapes right outside the panorama window.

‘Absinthe’ sauna (75°C)

No alcohol involved, but a visit to the ‘Absinthe’ sauna is guaranteed to get your blood circulating. The aroma of seventeen different herbs used in the making of absinthe aids the purification process and nourishes your skin and respiratory organs. 

‘Cocon’ sauna (60°C)

If super-hot isn’t quite your thing, then you should try a round in the ‘Cocon’ sauna, with its coloured-light therapy. At a comfortable 60°C temperature, deep relaxation is especially effective. 

‘Forêt’ organic sauna (45°C)

We’ve literally brought the forest indoors for our organic sauna, ‘Forêt’. Local pine branches on the floor don’t just stimulate the soles of your feet – their scent also activates your circulation and opens up your respiratory passages.

‘Noir & Or’ steam bath (55°C)

Nearly 100% humidity and temperatures around 55°C are the order of the day in our ‘Noir & Or’ steam bath. It’s the perfect thing for tense muscles, greasy skin, minor rheumatism, laboured breathing or high blood pressure.

Kneipp course

A round of cold, a round of warm, then start it all over again. We follow the ancient Kneipp art and activate our senses by alternating baths along the Kneipp path, where you can also find the Kneipp bench and Kneipp hose.

Panorama terrace

Enjoying a spectacular view is the purest form of relaxation. That’s why our panorama terrace is connected to our saunas. Breathing in the fresh air is not just good for the soul, it’s also good for the whole body. 

Relaxation rooms

A visit to the saunas is only truly perfect if you can enjoy an extended relaxing break right afterwards. In our relaxation rooms, you can relax in peace and quiet or enjoy a small refreshment and have a cosy chat. 

An extra on the weekend

Every Saturday and Sunday we open an extra for you on the weekend.
We ask for your understanding that for the sake of the environment we have decided to heat these saunas only on weekends.

‘Blanc & Or’ steam bath (50°C)

A visit to our 50°C ‘Blanc & Or’ steam bath in the women-only area of our saunas is like a dip in the fountain of eternal youth. Watch as your pores open up, skin blemishes vanish, wrinkles smooth out and respiratory passages clear up. 

‘Fée Verte’ sauna (65°C)

The magical composition of seventeen absinthe herbs is what gives our ‘Fée Verte’ sauna its name; this is a place to rejuvenate, refresh and enchant your body, soul and all five senses. 

Moments to hold within you

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