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Time to work out

Time to push your limits

Athletic endeavours have a place during your spa holiday in Jura, too. Whether you want to build up your strength, increase your endurance or even beat your own record: look forward to working out in a completely glass-walled gym stretching across two storeys and featuring state-of-the-art technology and equipment. 

Course programme

When it comes to sport, you’ll get your money’s worth during your stay here. A varied programme of courses ensures plenty of pastimes from dawn to dusk. From body forming using bands, balls or dumbbells to training for your belly, legs or bum, not to mention Nordic walking in the summertime, water walking, stretching or yoga: we know exactly how to get your body into shape.

Weekly program

Personal training

The best way to achieve individual training goals is by working with a qualified team. The second floor is dedicated to personal training and offers TRX, Swiss Balls and all the equipment needed for Functional Training.

Rates in CHF

30 minutes   70.–
60 minutes   100.–
90 minutes   135.–


Running is an ‘all-in-one’ fitness programme par excellence. Lose weight; strengthen your muscles, circulation and breathing; improve your endurance; reduce your stress, and even improve your inner sense of peace: getting fit is the way to go – and we have the perfect setting, with its wide variety of running paths!

Moments to hold within you

At the Grand Hotel Les Endroits