Your sauna experience in La Chaux-de-Fonds

A moment out of time

The sauna is an ancestral practice originating in Finland, involving relaxation in a room heated to a high temperature. The practice has become popular the world over for its many health and well-being benefits.

Origins of the sauna

The sauna is an ancient practice dating back hundreds of years. Its origins lie in the Nordic countries, where it was an integral part of Finnish and Scandinavian culture. Used for social and therapeutic purposes, the sauna has become popular the world over for its many health benefits.The first saunas were wooden structures with heated stones, where people entered to relax and sweat. In Finland, the sauna was considered a sacred place, where births, weddings and even healing rituals were celebrated. The Vikings also used similar steam baths, called 'bastu' in Swedish, to purify themselves after battles and to heal wounds.

The benefits of the sauna


The dry heat of the sauna helps to relax muscles, relieve tension and promote a general sense of well-being. When you enter in a sauna, the high temperature stimulates blood circulation, dilates the blood vessels and improves oxygen supply throughout the body. This feeling of warmth and relaxation has a soothing effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and promoting quality sleep.The sauna is also beneficial for cardiovascular health.

The change in temperature between the warmth of the sauna and the cold outside causes a reaction in the body, which improves blood circulation and strengthens the system. Blood vessels dilate and contract, helping to improve heart function and reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that regular use of the sauna can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.What's more, the sauna promotes detoxification of the body through perspiration. By sweating, we eliminate toxins and undesirable substances from our bodies. This helps to purify the skin and promote a clearer complexion.

As well as reducing stress, the heat of the sauna stimulates the production of endorphins, the happy hormones, resulting in a feeling of well-being. Many people also find that the sauna is an ideal place for meditation and mental relaxation. It's a quiet place where you can disconnect from the outside world and refocus on yourself.Over time, the sauna has evolved and become a widespread practice throughout the world. Sauna facilities are now available in wellness centres, spas, fitness centres and even in some homes. The benefits of the sauna are increasingly recognised and appreciated, and numerous studies continue to explore its effects on health and well-being. 

The sauna experience at our Grand Hôtel Les Endroits**** in La Chaux-de-Fonds


We have a fleet of seven saunas, five of which are dry heat saunas and two of which are wet heat saunas (or more commonly known as hammams). Each of our rooms offers a different experience, thanks to the temperature, scents, colours and decoration.
  • The White & Gold hammam at 50°C
  • The Black & Gold Hammam at 55°C
  • The Forest Bio-Sauna at 45°C
  • The Cocoon Sauna at 60°C
  • Green Fairy Sauna at 65°C
  • Absinthe Sauna 75°C
  • The Fireplace Sauna at 90°C
Alternate your sauna sessions with refreshing showers, laps in the pool or ice sprays from our fountain for the more adventurous! End your relaxation session with a soothing herbal tea or detox water in our relaxation room. 

Enjoy a unique experience in the saunas at our spa in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Enjoy the gentle, soothing warmth of the traditional wooden sauna, the hot lava stones and the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains for an unforgettable wellness experience.