General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions (GTC) govern the legal relationship between the customer, hereinafter referred as the customer, and the operator of the Grand Hôtel Les Endroits SA, hereinafter referred as the hotel.
Shall apply exclusively the general terms and conditions in effect each time a contract is concluded. The customer's general terms and conditions shall only apply if this has been expressly agreed in writing before the contract is signed.
If some provisions of these general terms and conditions are ineffective or invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the contract and the others provisions of the general terms and conditions. Otherwise, the statutory provisions shall apply.

2.Place of jurisdiction/ Applicable Law
For all disputes resulting from this contract, La Chaux-de-Fonds, canton de Neuchâtel is the default place of jurisdiction.
The Swiss law is applied exclusively to all contracts, bookings, potential endorsements and general terms and conditions. The place of performance and payments is the head office of the hotel.

Groups: Groups in the sense of these general terms and conditions are travel groups with a minimum number of 12 persons booked.
Written confirmations: Fax and e-mails are also considered as written confirmations.
Contractual partners are the customer and the hotel.

4.Purpose of the contract/ scope of application
The contract for the rental of rooms, seminar rooms, spaces and the purchase of others services is concluded with the written confirmation of the customer. A booking made the day of arrival is become effective when accepted by the hotel.
The modifications of the contract become effective for the hotel only after a (written) reconfirmation. The modifications or one-sided additions to the contract by the customer are ineffective. The prior written consent of the hotel is required before rooms can be sublet or re-let or used for purposes other than accommodation.

5.Provisions of services
The scope of the contracted services is determined by the booking made and confirmed individually for the customer. Subject to other contractual agreements, the guest is not entitled to a specific room.
If no rooms are available in the hotel despite a confirmed booking, the hotel shall inform the customer in good time and offer an equivalent replacement in a nearby hotel of comparable or higher category. Any additional costs for the replacement accommodation will be charged to the hotel. If the customer refuses the replacement room, the hotel shall immediately refund any deposit already paid by the customer. Other replacements requirements of the customer do not come into effect.

6.Duration of use
Subject to others agreements, the customer can use the rooms rented from 3pm the day of arrival and until 11am the day of departure. In case of arriving after 9pm, the hotel needs to be informed of the late arriving by phone or in written form latest at 6pm the day of arrival, by failing the hotel may freely dispose of the rooms.
If the customer releases the room in late of one hour or more, the hotel can charge a supplement for a use beyond the contract. In the case of late check-out, the hotel reserves the right to remove the customer’s belongings from the room and store them in an appropriate area of the hotel with a fee.

7.Price/ obligation of payment
The prices communicated by the hotel are in Swiss francs (CHF) and VAT included. The tourist tax and other expenses are charged in addition. The customer is obligated to pay the agreed prices to the hotel for the rooms made available and for other services used. This also applies to orders from accompanying persons and guests. An increase in statutory charges after the conclusion of the contract is at the customer’s expense. Prices in foreign currencies are indicative values and are charged at the respective daily exchange rate. Only prices confirmed by the hotel are valid.
Prices can be modified by the hotel if the customer subsequently changes the number of rooms booked, the hotel’s services or the length of the guest’s stay. The hotel can ask a deposit for the reservation. The deposit payment should be understood as a partial payment for the agreed services. The hotel may also require a credit card guarantee instead of a deposit payment.
If the deposit is not paid on time or the credit card guarantee is not provided, the hotel can cancel the contract (including all promises of services) immediately (without reminder) and require the cancellation fees listed in sections 9 and 10 of these terms and conditions. The hotel has the right to issue an interim invoice and demand payment from the guest at any time.
The final invoice includes the price agreed, and also the possible expenses for additional services provided by the hotel to the guest and/or accompanying persons. Unless otherwise agreed, the final invoice must be paid in Swiss francs in cash or by valid credit card at the latest at the check-out on the day of departure. The hotel may charge a reminder fee for each reminder. Objections to set-off are excluded with regard to hotel claims.

8.Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel may cancel the contract without incurring any costs before the agreed arrival date of the customer. In addition, the hotel is entitled to terminate the contract at any time for objectively justifiable reasons by means of an immediate, unilateral and written declaration with immediate effect: Examples of objectively justifiable reasons:
  • An agreed pay down or a guarantee deposit isn’t made during the period fixed by the hotel.
  • In case of force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible and which objectively make it impossible to perform the contract
  • Rooms booked or used with fake or misleading information’s, for example about the person of the customer or the purpose or use of the stay.
  • The hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the agreed services may be detrimental to the proper conduct of business, the safety of other hotel’s customers or to the reputation of the hotel.
  • the customer became insolvent (bankruptcy or unsuccessful seizure) or stopped paying;
  • the purpose or reason for the stay is illegal.
If the hotel withdraws for the above reasons, the guest is not entitled to compensation.

9.Booking cancellation / cancellation fees

A cancellation of booking and service needs the written agreement of the hotel. If this is not done, the agreed price must be paid even if the customer doesn’t use the contractual services. If the customer does not show up (“no-show”), the reserved services will be charged.
The date on which the hotel received the customer’s written cancellation is crucial for the calculation of the cancellation fees. This applies to mails, fax messages and e-mails.
If the customer terminates the contract without approved cancellation, or if certain services booked are modified or cancelled, the hotel can charge the following cancellation fees.
b)Cancellation fees
Individual booking
  • Until 2 days before the arrival date agreed, the customer can terminate the contract by a written form without incurring any fee.
  • For a written cancellation of the stay within 2 days before the arrival date, cancellation fees are charged according to the conditions described in the booking confirmation.
Group booking (see number 3 for group definition)
Every booking of partial or full groups shall be made in a written form and generates fees that are charged to the organizer of the group according to the cancellation conditions described in the booking confirmation.
c)Damages reduction
The hotel strives to give the cancelled and not used services to someone else, both for individual and group bookings. If the hotel may provide the cancelled services to third parties in the agreed time limit, the customer's cancellation fee is reduced by the amount that these third parties pay for the cancelled service.

10. Impossible arrival
If the customer is unable to arrive or does not arrive on time due to force majeure (floods, avalanches, earthquakes, etc.), he is not obligated to pay the agreed fees for the missed days. The customer must prove the impossibility to arrive. However, the obligation to pay the booked stay is revived as soon as it is possible to arrive.

11.Early departure
If the customer leaves earlier, the hotel is entitled to charge 100% for all services booked. In case of early departure, the hotel strives to give the unused services to someone else. If the hotel can provide the unused services to a third party in the agreed time limit, the amount of the customer’s invoice will be reduced by the amount that these third parties pay for the cancelled service.

12.Stay/ Keys/ Safety/ Internet/ Smokers
The hotel room is reserved only for the registered customer. Leaving the room to a third party or use it by an additional person requires the hotel’s written agreement.
By entering into a contract, the customer acquires the right to the usual use of the rented rooms and hotel facilities for all reserved persons, which are generally available to customers for a use without special conditions, and the usual service. The guest must exercise his rights in accordance with the hotel's guidelines.
The room card provided by the hotel remains the property of the hotel and must be returned to the reception upon check-out. The damaged or lost card will be charged to the customer at a price of CHF 20.00.
The customer has a free access to internet but is responsible for abuse and illegal behaviour when using the Internet.
In the hotel, smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

13.Extension of stay
Unless otherwise agreed, the customer cannot claim the right to extend his stay without prior agreement. If the customer is unable to leave the hotel on the day of departure because all departure conditions are blocked or unusable due to unforeseeable and extraordinary circumstances or force majeure (for example extreme snowfall, floods, etc.) the contract is automatically valid for the duration of the departure impossibility extended to the previous conditions if there is availability in the hotel.

14.Additional conditions for groups

Groups rates apply only with a prior agreement and a written confirmation from the hotel. For a group of less than 12 persons, individual rates apply. Groups arriving and/or leaving together must be notified by a written form to the hotel 2 days before arrival. One total invoice will be issued to the group organiser, who is fully responsible for the total amount.
The hotel must be informed of the final number of persons of the group (including a list of names) at least 30 days before the group’s arrival. If the group is smaller than the one initially registered, missing people will be charged according to the contractual cancellation conditions. Additional persons will be counted and charged as single travellers, subject to availability. If a group reservation is cancelled, cancellation fees indicated in point 9 and 10 apply.

15.Food and drinks
All the food and drinks must be purchased at the hotel only.
In particular case (specialities, etc), a derogation to this agreement can be conclude by a written form. In this case, the hotel is in right to charge service fees or a corkage fee.

16.Course of events
If from a request of the customer, the hotel rent or purchase technical and other equipment to third parties, the cost is charged to the customer.
The customer is responsible for the careful handling and correct return of the equipment. The hotel declines any responsibilities in case of any claims for the provision of the facilities which comes from third parties.
The use of the customer’s own electronics system and devices using the hotel’s electrical network requires the previous written agreement of the hotel. Any disturbances or damages to the hotel’s technical systems caused by the use of these devices and systems are charged to the customer. The hotel can charge a cost for the electricity costs resulting from a use of electronics systems and devices.
The misfunctioning of the technical installations or others provided by the hotel will be corrected as quickly as possible after being notified by the customer. If the hotel is not responsible for disturbances, service claims do not justify its responsibility and do not give any rights to compensation or reduction.
The client must obtain all the necessary official authorisations to organise the event at his own expense. He is responsible for the respect of the authorisation and all other regulations under public law relating to the event. Fines due to permit violations must be paid by the client.

17.Items brought by the customer
Exhibits or displays, including personal items, which are in the event rooms or on the hotel grounds are at the risk of the Client. The hotel assumes no obligation to monitor and store, nor any liability for the loss, destruction or damage of items brought in.
The decoration material brought in must meet fire safety requirements. The hotel is entitled to demand an official proof. Due to possible damage, the installation and fixing of objects must be agreed in advance with the hotel.
Exhibit or other items brought must be removed immediately after the end of the event. The hotel can remove and store items left behind at the customer charge. If the removal involves disproportionate effort, the hotel may leave the items in the event room and charge the guest the usual room rental for the duration of the deposit.
Packaging material (cardboard, crates, plastic, etc.) resulting from the shipping of items for the event by the customer or third parties must be eliminated by the customer. If the customer leave packaging material at the hotel, the hotel is entitled to charge the customer a fee.

18.Action, use, and liability
a)The Hotel

The hotel is not liable to the customer within the legal possibilities of slight and moderate negligence and is only liable for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence. If disruptions or defects occur in the hotel's services, the hotel will strive to remedy the situation upon direct notification by the customer. If the customer does not inform the hotel of a defect in good time, there shall be no entitlement to a reduction in the contractually agreed price. The hotel is responsible for items brought in by customers in accordance with the statutory provisions. This includes items that the customer keeps in the safe in the hotel room. The hotel accepts no liability for slight or moderate negligence. If valuables (jewellery, etc.), cash or securities are not returned to the hotel in a safe place, the hotel shall not be liable. If a damage is not reported to the hotel immediately after its discovery, the guest's claims lapse.
The hotel is not responsible in any legal sense for services it has merely arranged for the guest. The hotel accepts no responsibility for theft and damage to equipment brought in by third parties.
b)The Customer
The customer shall be liable to the Hotel for all damage and loss caused by him/her, his/her companions or guests at the event, without the Hotel having to prove any facts against the customer in a specific situation.
The customer is responsible for the correct use and return of all technical facilities provided by the hotel and is liable for any damage or loss. The customer is liable to third parties for services and expenses organised by the hotel.
c)Third parties
If a third party makes a reservation for a customer, he is liable to the hotel as customer and as a joint debtor for all obligations arising from the contract. Irrespective of this, the third party is obliged to provide all information relevant to the booking to the customer, including these general terms and conditions.

Animals may only be brought into the hotel with the prior consent of the hotel and for a fee. The customer who brings an animal into the hotel is obliged to keep or properly supervise his animal during his stay or to have it kept or supervised by suitable third parties at his own expense.
No pets are allowed in the hotel's restaurant and event rooms or in the wellness area.

20.Found items
Lost items will be transferred if the ownership is clear and the residential/business address is known. The customer bears the costs and risks of the subsequent delivery.

21.Additional instructions
If the customer requires services that are not provided by the hotel itself, the hotel acts only as an intermediary.
Advertising in the media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet) referring to events in the hotel, with or without the use of the unchanged company logo, requires the prior written consent of the hotel.