Forever changing, the only constant is our desire to improve

The perpetual upgrades and improvements to Grand Hotel Les Endroits are characteristic of its story; from its beginnings as a humble bistro restaurant to the gourmet restaurant and hotel with Spa complex it proudly houses today, Grand Hotel Les Endroits has come a long way.

Initial improvements resulted from a need to cater for demand for parties and banquets as well as accommodation and as a result Grand Hotel Les Endroits has been a hotel since 1992. A few later the outside terrace was expanded and, in 2010, additional hotel rooms were constructed, including 3 Suites & Spa (with private Spa).

In 2016 a new gastronomic restaurant and Wellness complex was opened and today Grand Hotel Les Endroits seeks to provide a sanctuary of health and well-being.

From its inception through to present day Les Endroits has remained within the ownership of the Vogt family, who are dedicated to retain that tradition and continue to be at your service for generations to come.

GRAND HÔTEL LES ENDROITS Boulevard des Endroits 94-96, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Suisse T +41 32 9 250 250 F +41 32 9 250 350

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