Thinking in advance

The future is our priority

Everyone’s talking about climate change, even us here at the Grand Hotel Les Endroits, where we take the environment, our natural surroundings and our future very seriously. That’s why we strive to continue taking further action to protect our environment.
We already have solar panels to give us warm water, and the outdoor pool is heated using pellets. The water in our pools is cleaned with an ozone process, enabling us to use less chlorine. Our washing machines are also run solely on rainwater. By reusing cold storage cell compressors, heat is generated. Leftover food scarps are not simply thrown away, but rather converted into biofuel. Fresh produce used to prepare the delicious items on our menus overwhelmingly was cultivated in the region; even the pine branches used in our Forêt sauna come from nearby woods. Our guests are also welcome to make use of the charging station for their electric cars.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with the non-profit organisation known as Sapocycle: used soap is collected and further processed by people with disabilities. This is a way of improving the hygienic conditions for families in need.

We are firm believers in the fact that every action counts when it comes to protecting the environment and thus ensuring a liveable future. This is what we are working towards, and our hotel in Switzerland will continue to strive to improve even further in this belief.

Moments to discover

At the Grand Hotel Les Endroits