Oh, how lovely!

In the exact right place

Surrounded by woods and meadows, in a lofty setting at more than 1,111 metres above sea level and above the famous Swiss city of watchmakers, La Chaux-de-Fonds, is where you’ll find the Grand Hotel Les Endroits.
Your journey to our hotel in Switzerland will take you through the varied landscape of the Neuenburg Jura, which has several historical and cultural sites to visit.
‘Natural wonders such as pine forests, glittering lakes, craggy limestone formations and old mountain farms invite you to explore.’
Once you’ve arrived at Les Endroits, you probably won’t want to leave again. Still, it’s the ideal starting point for a variety of activities, either in the stunning nearby nature areas or in town, where the centre of watchmaking offers plenty of treasures of cultural and historical significance just waiting to be discovered. 

Moments to hold within you

At the Grand Hotel Les Endroits