The Vogt family

Hosts with passion

Behind the Grand Hotel Les Endroits is a family that has been running the show at this establishment for more than 50 years now. Following in the footsteps of our grandparents, who took over the establishment as a restaurant in 1969, and of our parents, we are the third generation to manage the business. And we run our hotel in Switzerland with exactly as much heart and soul for hospitality as they did.
Day in and day out, we and our dedicated employees work to make your holiday with us a relaxing, unforgettable experience.
‘Bringing a smile to our guests’ faces is what makes us happy and gives us validation in what we do.’
We are particularly proud of the fact that we run our establishment with deep consideration for the region we are from and its natural environment. Because sustainability is important to us here at Les Endroits, we rely on numerous measures we undertake to conserve the environment. For example, we heat our water with solar panels, the fresh produce in our kitchen comes from regional suppliers and our food waste is not just thrown away, but rather converted to biofuel.

We look forward to welcoming you as a guest at the Grand Hotel Les Endroits and to helping you have a wonderful time during your visit.

Famille Vogt & Team Les Endroits

Moments to discover

At the Grand Hotel Les Endroits