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It leaves a legacy behind

The story of the Grand Hotel Les Endroits and the Vogt family began in 1969 – when our house wasn’t even a hotel yet, but rather a restaurant and tavern. Alice and Otto Vogt hosted dances there, accompanied by an orchestra. Ten years later, their son Jean-Pierre took over Les Endroits and continued to expand it. From that point on, it became a popular event space for banquets, weddings and other celebrations.
The establishment, which was quite successful, was continually expanded into the early 90s. Finally, in 1992, Les Endroits officially opened up as a hotel. A new building featuring 42 rooms was constructed; it included a breakfast room, ‘Neuenburgerstübli’ (Neuenburg parlour), ‘La Goillasse’ spa featuring a whirlpool tub, sauna and relaxation corner, and a reception hall. 25 employees were already at work serving guests’ every need.

In 1997, the large new garden terrace became the newest highlight at Les Endroits, while the bar parlour and restaurant were also renovated. Two years later, a kitchen, pastry shop, office and laundry room were added as well as a new staff pub.
‘If you want to be happy, you need courage. Courage to change, to build new bridges, to leave old paths and forge new ones.’
Ten years later, Les Endroits’ reception area, bar, lounge and breakfast room were remodelled. Finally, several major changes took place in 2010: the north side of the hotel received twelve deluxe rooms and three suites as well as a spa. To improve the building’s energy consumption, the roof on the west side is equipped with a 80 m² thermosolar collector.

2015 saw a spectacular innovation: the construction of a new four-storey spa area measuring 1,000 m², which was finally officially opened in 2016. The new gourmet restaurant Le Corbusier and bar (with wine cellar) and cigar lounge were also finished.

In 2019, the group rooms and banquet halls on the ground floor were likewise renovated. Two rooms were split into three, bearing the names of famous residents of La Chaux-de-Fonds: Blaise Cendrars, Louis Chevrolet and Monique St Hélier. Thanks to modular divider walls, the sizes of the rooms can be adjusted – all together, they can house between ten and one hundred people. The group room Chez Botteron was transformed shortly thereafter into the banquet hall Chez Jean, with a modern steam fireplace as a particularly cosy feature.

After many years of renovation and expansion, the Grand Hotel Les Endroits is now the perfect place to offer international visitors both enjoyment and relaxation of the highest quality. Still run by the family that has promised top-quality hospitality for many generations now.

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